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2015 February "Heal a Heart" Fundraiser

Foster. Donate. Adopt. REDCOLLAR RESCUE Heal a Heart Campaign

REDCOLLAR RESCUE primarily rescues dogs who are on "Death Row" at shelters. City-run shelters do not have the resources to provide medical care to sick or injured animals. One reason that a dog may be put down at a shelter is that the dog may test positive for heartworms.

Heartworms are parasites similar to intestinal worms except they reside in the heart. Heartworms are spread between animals through mosquito bites and so there is risk of infection year-round in the South. Treatment of a heartworm infection is complicated and more expensive, however today's treatment methods are also very effective, so thankfully, a heartworm infection is by no means a death sentence!

REDCOLLAR RESCUE utilizes two courses of treatment – often called "fast-kill" and "slow-kill" methods – under the direction of our veterinarians. Proceeds from our February Heal a Heart campaign will go towards medication and shelter for our adoptables who are currently undergoing heartworm treatment. Slow-kill treatments range from $150-300 per pet. Fast-kill treatments start about $500 and can exceed $1000 in some cases.

Please consider purchasing a shirt and sharing our campaign with others to help Heal a Heart of an RCR adoptable so they can have a chance at love!

Don't need another T-shirt? (although, how can you ever have enough T-shirts!?), you can always use PayPal to donate to Heal a Heart below, knowing that your kindness and generosity will help save an animal in need and bring endless joy and unconditional love to others looking for a new best friend.

No matter the amount of your contribution, REDCOLLAR RESCUE guarantees you have already received the biggest gift possible...seeing a loving rescue pet on the path to becoming a healthy, happy, furry friend ready to give back a thousand-fold.

100% of your donation goes directly to the animals. You will never see a greater return on your truly, life-saving contribution.

About Your Donation

REDCOLLAR RESCUE is an all-volunteer, 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible donation goes 100% to the animals and helps provide a full spectrum of care, including: vaccinations / spay & neuter / medical treatment for heartworms, broken bones, mange, Parvo, Distemper, etc. / obedience training / necessities such as crates, leashes, collars, microchips, and much more.

REDCOLLAR RESCUE spends an average of $500 per animal and often in the thousands for serious cases. We do not discriminate based on age, breed, or health of the animal. We assume full responsibility for all the animals we rescue and make every effort to ensure they are healthy and happy and placed into safe and loving forever homes. We and our volunteers provide the time and devotion to the cause, however we desperately need your help to provide the financial resources required to accomplish this.

Super girl, Venus. Come and meet the warrior pups, Venus and her sisters, Alice and Aleta at REDCOLLAR RESCUE's next Adoption Event! Photo: BH Studios

There are several ways you can help REDCOLLAR RESCUE:

What Your Donation Pays For (for one dog):

  • $20 - flea, tick and heartworm protection for a month
  • $25 - a new leash, collar and tags
  • $50 - microchip or a crate
  • $100 - one set of vaccines
  • $250 - spay or neuter
  • $500 - one month of boarding, heartworm treatment or obedience training
  • $1000 - medical treatment for mild to moderate cases or intensive obedience training
  • $2500 - medical treatment for moderate to severe cases
  • $5000 - medical treatment for severe cases

Your donation has a huge impact on what we do. Your generous support allows REDCOLLAR RESCUE to save more dogs.

You will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year for your donation.

Monetary Donation Options

One Time Donation

One time donations can be made on-line with credit card or PayPal by clicking on the donate button below.

Recurring Monthly Donations

Recurring monthly donations are valid for 12 months (1 yr.) and can be made on-line with credit card or PayPal by filling out the form below and clicking on the donate button below.

Recurring Monthly Donation Options

My monthly donation is to:

Enter dog's name or message

Recurring Yearly Donations

Recurring yearly donations are valid for 2 years and can be made on-line with credit card or PayPal by filling out the form below and clicking on the donate button below.

Recurring Yearly Donation (2yrs)

My yearly donation is to:

Enter dog's name or message

If paying by check, please make donations payable to Red Collar Rescue and mail to:

945 McKinney Street, No. 424
Houston, TX 77002
(This is a mailing address only. We do not have a facility.)

Tax receipts for your donation will be mailed at year-end. Thank you for helping animals in need!