Who We Are

Charlotte Liberda and her kids

Nine out of ten animals who enter Houston area shelters are killed each year. In Harris County alone, over 100,000 animals are put to their death. With these statistics in mind, REDCOLLAR RESCUE, Inc. was formed in August 2007 by Charlotte Liberda and a small group of volunteers who share the same passion and love for the animals and the desire to make a difference. Each person has a full-time professional career and devotes their personal time and often their own money to assist as many animals as possible to find loving forever homes.

REDCOLLAR RESCUE is often the last resort for animals who are left abandoned to die in pounds or on the streets. We rescue animals from Houston and surrounding areas, including animals from BARC (the City pound), Harris County Animal Control, Montgomery County Animal Shelter, Brazoria County Animal Control, Humble Animal Control, and more. REDCOLLAR RESCUE also takes in animals living on the streets and from abusive situations. We do not discriminate based upon breed, age or health of the animal. REDCOLLAR RESCUE provides these beautiful creatures with a second chance to be placed in permanent loving homes so that they can receive the care and attention they so deserve.

Rescuing homeless animals is an expensive endeavor. Each dog REDCOLLAR RESCUE takes in must have all of its vaccinations, be de-wormed, spayed/neutered, receive a heartworm test, be micro-chipped, and placed on heartworm and flea preventative. Our rescued cats must be tested for feline HIV and leukemia, receive vaccinations, be spayed/neutered, and be placed on flea preventative. These are just the essentials—many of the rescues require additional, expensive medical care for conditions such as Parvo Virus, Distemper, broken bones, heartworm treatment and more. We also routinely purchases essential items, such as food, collars, leashes, crates, grooming, etc.

REDCOLLAR RESCUE is "foster-based." We do not have a facility in which to house the animals we rescue. We depend on foster parents to give these precious dogs and cats we rescue a temporary home and TLC while they await their forever home. Many times we take in more dogs and cats than we have foster homes. Those animals must be boarded at yet an additional expense to us.

100% of the monies donated to REDCOLLAR RESCUE goes to the animals. We have maintained a no-kill concept, even though some animals may require more rehabilitation than others. REDCOLLAR RESCUE estimates that it spends a minimum of $600.00 for each animal rescued, and often in the thousands for serious cases. We assume full responsibility for each animal and make every effort to find them the perfect forever home.

Without continued support, REDCOLLAR RESCUE is limited to the number of animals who can be helped. We ask for assistance from the public in the form of volunteering and donations. Adoptable pets are showcased the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at the Petsmart located at 1907 Taylor Street, Houston, TX 77007. In addition, pets are listed on petfinder.com and circulated thru large email distribution lists. Home visits are conducted with potential adopters. Much time and energy is required to make certain the pets are going to live out their lives in a safe and loving home and will never again be abandoned to the streets or pounds.

Donations can be made on-line via credit card or PayPal by clicking on the Donations tab above or by check made payable to Red Collar Rescue and mailed to the address below.

If you would like to become a foster parent or volunteer to help at pet adoptions, etc., please contact us at:

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Mailing address:

945 McKinney Street, No. 424
Houston, TX 77002
(This is a mailing address only. We do not have a facility.)

We are an all-volunteer group. In addition to our animal rescue work, we each have professional careers. So, please be patient and we will answer your email requests as soon as possible.